Wednesday, October 5, 2011

loveliness verses taxstration


i got two letters from Mr.postman yesterday. one was from the loveliest lycke in the world. with amazing treasures and this awesome, crocheted hat she made, oh i love it! thanks for this breeze of northern air, female warmth and care that came through the envelope, you saved me, since….

…the second letter was a fine from the tax office. a fine of 1400 euro’s. ha! to laugh or to cry?! it takes me a little bit more than two months to earn 1400 euro’s, now, i can’t even be angry at myself for having done something wrong, because this time i haven’t and believe me i easily could have, since dealing with bureaucracy and taxes in hebrew is not that easy. no, the responsibility is someone else's, but i am the one who ends up being screwed. taxstrated let’s call it. chop chop. anyone that wants to buy an arm or a leg? i decided not to cry, yet.

here some tunes for you: let me back in and human qualities, i hope you will like them as much as i do.

15 comments: said...

Echt? 1400 euro vanwege een fout van iemand anders? Kun je er nog tegen in beroep? Wat zuur!!

till-vidas-ara said...

Ojoj..förstår att det känns illa det där, men det måste ju lösa sig på något sätt..trolla lite, skriv ner på ett papper att du vill bli av med allt som står i vägen för att det där ska lösa sig, viktigt hur man formulerar det..och så bränner du upp det andaktsfullt och säger må så ske, må så ske, må så ske, fungerar i min värld :)
men vad härligt ändå att se att brevet kom fram *****
Glad jag blir att du gillade mössan. skrev jag att jag har en precis likadan sjä love..

Kramar om, Lycke

annika said...

Men! Så kan det ju inte vara. Det måste lösa sig på något vis.Lyckes råd här ovan verkar det mest vettiga jag kan tänka mig just nu!
Och mössan, så fin! Kramar och kramar

Anne said...

aaargh! 1400 euro! wat ontzettend naar!! luister maar vaak naar deze mooie liedjes, misschien helpt dat de pijn wat verzachten...

Yaelian said...

Arhg,det är mycket pengar! Hoppas du får det klarat...Kram ! Vilken gullig mössa!

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

cute hat... is it getting cold up north? last night was kind of chilly here, so today i pulled out all our duvets.

uuff, don't like those tax letters, but i bow in respect for you for dealing with hebrew language bureaucracy. i am - still after 8 years here - that kind of woman that lets the husband deal with all communication with authorities and institutions.

elianne said...

oh vreselijk!!
Als je me je adres mailt ( staat op mijn blog ) ga ik je heel snel de bietjes foto sturen, andere post!

demie said...

i am really sorry about it !!! i hope you find a way to solve this out dear Sara

Ariane Reichardt said...

Sounds like my own never (?) ending story... but in my own langue.
Dearest Sara,
why are you not crying... it helps, it clears the mind. As a more emotionally person it is difficult to deal with tax aso.

There is a way out, I'm sure!

Warm hugs,

sarapirat said...

iris, ja echt! en het ziet er niet zo goed uit, helaas. aan die andere kant...het gaat over geld. HEEL veel geld voor mij, maar ik ben zoiezo nog steeds gezond en levend. phu!

lycke, ska nog pröva det. att trolla, samla mina tankar och min energi och fokusera dom på att det kommer att gå bra. jag kommer i vilket fall vara varm om huvudet med eller utan dom här pengarna! det är inte lite det! kramar

annika, ja eller hur, jag ska pröva det! kramar

anne, heb ik ook gedaan! heel hard! :) ♥

yaelian, phu ja, det ser inte ut som att jag kommer lyckas bli av med den men vi får se. visst är den fin, mössan! kramar

trinsh, yes, the nights are getting chillier..i enjoy it. even tel aviv felt less boiling this week wheni was down.
also changed to the duvet! that's great that you have someone to help you with it, especially since we scandinavians usually are not assertive enough here! :) xxx.

elianne, oh wat leuk!!! en wil je nog steeds die met mijn benen en
die witte hemd?

demie, me too, me too..and if not, a way to accept it and to be happy about being healthy and alive! ♥

ariane, finally i did cry abit, yesterday, hihii, and for sure it will happen again, for one reason or the other. and i will pray for it to be solved the best possible way. love to you

Patrice A. said...

zoveel geld
niet fijn
zoals je zelf al zei
het is geld

ik denk aan je
en eens
gaan we samen koffiedrinken
en lachen


elianne said...

ik wil nog steeds die benen!

nathalie et cetera said...

oh my! i feel your pain! it happened to me once. thought i would faint. i hope you can find a way to arrange things with them. pay them little by little...

Jenny said...

Oj, det var inte så muntert. Om du inte har gjort fel borde det ju gå och rätta till? Eller är det kört? PUSS!

outi said...

oh man. i hsare the pain. i once got a letter from the taxoffice for 5300 euros. i started to laugh. what else can one do?
then after a while of laughing and some tears, my friend helped me to make a report of all expenses which have something to do with my work; training and other clothes, make-up, books, papers, pens, ink, photos, what ever just made a little sense. and i sent that back to the taxoffice. it helped a bit. of course i still had to pay something, but not any more the whole amount.
maybe you could try to do that too?