Sunday, October 16, 2011

many cups of ouzo later

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…and it became difficult to keep my hand steady while picturing. there was a strike on the airport and i found my salvation in the nursery room where there was electricity for my laptop. today i still felt the ouzo haze until the moment i met this crazy austrian friend of mine who invited me for a very worthwhile dinner with whiskey and interesting stories. hence adding a whiskey haze to the ouzo cloud… but do not worry, i will only drink herbal tea tomorrow.

lately life is very surprising and spontaneous. today i had a couple of very good conversations. i feel happy to be able to communicate verbally, then again i recently experienced the freedom and intuitive interaction that can be created when there isn’t a common language to use. after that experience followed the realization that we spend so much time calculating and analyzing the value behind the words that are said. and upon that valuation, we plan and act. rather than just reacting based on our feeling. does that make any sense? perhaps it is the ouzo affecting my writing tonight.


demie said...

yes it makes sense... feelings are more often right. in any way...or so i believe. and ouzo didn`t effect your beautiful pictures... thank you for this tour to my country. it had made me both sad and happy. from something bad comes always something good, the greeks say. i realy hope its true

annika said...

Tror du har helt rätt. Vi borde lyssna mer inåt hjärtat än huvudet. Lite ouzo, eller mycket, kan ställa allt i ordning :) KRAM!

Merel said...

het lijkt of je in een fijne flow zit daar. Goed! En wat heb je ook Griekenland weer mooi kunnen vangen in je camera.

Ariane Reichardt said...

Sure, dear tottering Sara,
it makes sense.
As a six year old child I was with my cousins in Amsterdam. They spoken dutch but it escaped my notice, we communicated... it was like miracle for my parents.

Maybe an other dimension is working?


outi said...

i like these photos. and i must say i like ouzo also. and it´s brother raki. even those drinks taste the best in their own environment. here in the north, drinking ouzo is just not the same.

oh well. i wanted to say something meaningful about communicating, but ended up talking about booze..

Jenny said...

Det verkar som att du har det bra. Kram på dig!

Miss Upsey Daisy said...

Vad är det blodiga?

Pella said...

Härliga, härliga kort här som alltid. Jag suger i mig inspiration och laddar för en kortare resa till Berlin med loppisar, caféhäng och graffittifotande. Det riktigt kliar i kameran!

elianne said...

cheers! ja ik snap wat je zegt.
post onderweg voor je

Marguerite said...

ik dronk nog nooit ouzo, maar wat jij beschrijft ken ik wel
dag sara, gaan jullie nog ergens anders heen?

sarapirat said...

demie, from where in greece are you? i really hope it will turn around soon, and things will become better for this lovely place. i wish i wish i wish.

annika, ja, och dricka mera ouzo! :)

merel,dankjewel fijne flow, ik probeer dat te houden!

ariane, yes kids sometimes shows the greatest example of beyond language communication. and i think you are right that it is almost as if another dimension is operating. when we allow it to. ♥

outi, well, talking about booze is also important at times! ;) i didn't try the raki but i was curious about it. and after having brought my father some arak from here i was realizing the same, that it is simply very different drinking it in the northern parts.

jenny, det har jag fina du, och du? krmar

miss ud, kalvhuvuden? innan det såg jag uppfläkta kaniner, bara tassarna satt kvar...uaahhh½

pella, åh vad underbart, berlin på hösten! det ser jag fram emot att se bilder ifrån sen.

elianne, oh wat spannend! voor jou duurt het nog..sorry...

marguerite, dag! wij gaan morgen naar zwitserland! dus een beetje lekker fris en herfst zoals het hoort...

Anne said...

Jawel, it makes sense!
Volgens mij zit jij in een fijne flow op het moment - hou die er maar goed in in Zwitserland :-) Veel plezier!

Chocheta said...

thank you, i just can say the same to you!