Thursday, July 14, 2011

and then we have the iphoners

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hereby i confess that i am not a fan of the iphone epidemics. perhaps i am too old-fashioned after all. *i need to show you my mobile phone once* but there were a few sweet pictures taken with one during our time in italy that i wanted to share with you.

the last week i went from 10 minutes of meditation to 30 min each morning. more than anything it is a challenge to stick with the commitment of doing it, being loyal to myself and not giving up. for two weeks. at least. then i will see. i am trying to be aware of my emotional weathers. letting them pass without identifying too much with them. phu, easier said then done.

wishing you a sweet day.


Makeminemidcentury said...

You are so full of youth, yet i-phone old fashioned!

Your friends are beautiful. I know you are too!! We're here in Brisbane whenever you want to visit.

(I was thinking an i-phone would make me more efficient)?

HansDeZwans said...

Koop nooit een iphone, zeg ik tegen iedereen. Want éénmaal gekocht, wil je nooit nog iets anders hebben.

Lilli said...

I admit, I hardly know what an iphone is; I know I ought to, I'm sure my son must have talked about it. Just, I think, little interest in phones, I don't even have a mobile phone any longer.

What interests me far more, is this sentence; 'letting them pass without identifying too much with them' - that's something I need to figure out.

Carmel is right, as always. About beauty and youth.
Lilli xx

Patrice A. said...

zo eens met Carmel
jullie zijn zo jong en jeugdig
en vrolijk
maar de kleuren
en de sfeer meer '70
ik vind het mooi
en die laatste foto van jou
prachtig, warm
met een rode stralenkrans

twee keer in de week
heb ik een geleide meditatie
aan het einde van mijn 'sport'-les
(combi tai-chi, yoga en pilates)
dan kost het me veel moeite
mijn hoofd leeg te laten
laat staan elke dag
30 minuten!

annika said...

Jag älskar min iphone! Och bilderna jag tar med den, så lätt. Och du så skönt att du kommit igång med meditationen, det gör underverk för ett sinne. Önskar dig också en skön söt dag :)

Merel said...

ik heb ook geen iphone en bewust geen i-net op mijn telefoon (lekker rustig) maar die camera er op vind ik toch wel heel leuk stiekem!

bobbi said...
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bobbi said...

I had to delete the previous comment, I don't know what language was that.

Thiry minutes are a lot. I do twenty in he morning and then some yoga and the same thing in the evening if I'm not too tired. It helps so much, doesn't it?

I am an apple fanatic: the only reason why I don't have an iphone is because i am poor.

Yaelian said...

Hejsan Sara,hälsningar från Helsingfors! Fina bilder igen ,du är en så jättebra fotograf!

sarapirat said...

carmel, hihihi, yeah i have my conservative things going here and there! and i would love to come to brisbane! but i wonder, why do we/you need to be more efficient?

hans, ik leef liever zonder...

lilli, good to hear that there are still folks without a mobile phone! it has created a need which is not necessarily there. and about the sentence, i need to figure this one out too! thats why i mediate.

patrice, eigenlijk was het tenminste in het begin makkelijker om 30 min te doen in plaats van 10. misschien omdat ik daar iets moet loslaten, omdat het juist langer is en moeijlijker 'to grasp'/ the perception of the time i bent lief!

annika, jag försöker verkligen. hålla fast vid den här rutinen just nu. eller snarare som en cermoni. men i morse hann jag inte så tänker ta igen det strax.

merel, ja ik ook stiekem! :)

bobbi, wow, that is impressive, both meditation and yoga ANd in the evening! it helps much. at times. i feel i still need to go deeper there. nice that you dropped by!

yaelian, hälsningar tillbaka. men den här gången är det inte jag som är fotograf, mestadels!

fru a said...

jo alltså säga vad man vill om ajfånen och dess slavar (jag själv inkluderad...), fotoapparna är himla kul ju. och rätt bra bilder blir det faktiskt. de här var underbara!

till-vidas-ara said...

Har ingen iphone så jag är ännu med gammaldags :) ljuvliga bilder, du ser så strålande ut, vibrerande, nyttigt att skratta!


nathalie et cetera said...

yes, i am a bit tired of these iphone photos but the one with the 4 girls in the water is magazine worthy! fantastic!

Magdalena Nowak said...

Oh girl... I'm back from my holidays but looking at your picture doesnt help me to get fast in the every day life :-) that is good in a way, but that also makes me feel sad about the fact that the best time of the year is behind a way...

I am one of the few people on earth that doesnt have an i phone 'til now, but I like the instagram touch and I think you and your dears llok sooo sooo lovely!!! great photos, and they will be greater in 30 years :-)

big hug!