Friday, February 11, 2011

au revoir

_MG_9111old studio 

today was the last day in the studio until sometime next month. the birds have been released from the golden cage. and those same birds are flying to the netherlands on sunday (brining with them the cow and the zebra, of course)

anyhow, it always feels good to break the routine and have a reality change. but first of all, W.E.E.K.E.N.D!


Make mine Mid-Century said...

Are you going to the Netherlands?

Actually, I think I may have to go through your old posts to work out exactly what you're doing.

Remember, I thought you were in Paris!

Have a great weekend, Sara.

Evelina said...

Så härligt att det är fredag... och sen helg! :) Kram

barbarabeesblog said...

Wishing you a pleasant "off-time" birdie!

annika said...

Enjoy! Och jag älskar dina djur :)

Yaelian said...

Bon Voyage till HOlland! OCh tack att du ringde igår,vi måste träffas sen när du kommer tillbaka.

till-vidas-ara said...

Låter härligt fina du!!!! och tack för gratulationer! Det är underbart och jag älskar honom så mycket man bara kan, men lite sömn och oro och suddigt i huvudet - precis som det ska vara...!
måste fråga - understa bilden..har du trixat till den i photoshop? Hur gör man sådana..skulle så gärna vilja veta..
Många kramar Lycke

sarapirat said...

mmmc, i am working as a dancer...and that is what i did for the past couple of years. i studied dance in the netherlands so it was my home for six years, and after some other adventures i moved to israel to join a company. i used to love paris though....and did a few romantic trips to there when i lived in the netherlands! does that clarify a bit? wish you a good one too!

evelina, eller hur?! du och ditt sjätte sinne dessutom. kram

barbara, thank you! it is well needed. did i ever ask where in germany you are? thinking if i come that way it would be fun to see your creative space...!

annika, det gör nog jag med, på något konstigt vis! kram

yaelian, radio rusco here we come!

lycke, glad att höra av dig mitt i allt, amningsrus och förändringar. kolla in här:
här gör du nya bilder 'gamla'!
kramar! ta hand om er...