Monday, May 3, 2010

big fat mama

_MG_1105-pola _MG_1131-pola

she’s so big and fat. laying there with a glazed gaze while brooding her eggs. such great presents, her eggs! guess which one is hers?


Evelina said...

Egna ägg, vilken lyx! :) Kram

Helena said...

det högra! :) vilken lyx med lokala ägg! Hoppas allt e bra med dej! Kram

sarapirat said...

evelina, verkligen lyx! blir så glad varje gång... kram

helena, yes! one point for you. allt bra, livet är en utmaning som oftast. och du? kram

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

yes, i am also wondering how they can make themselves so big when they brood. she can walk around and look slim, but then she lies down and looks enormous when she spreads out and covers the eggs.

what are you making?

sarapirat said...

trinsch, i am making flapjes, which are like savory mini pancakes. i posted the recipe a few weeks ago if you feel like making the same. very easy and tasty!