Wednesday, February 3, 2010



i had three amazing birthday cakes. one pancake cake ala pettson and findus, for breakfast. a carrot cake with glazing and chocolate cheese cake for desert. the dinner turned out all color coordinated, green and white, with mainly veggies from our communal garden.


we went to a spa with hot sulfur springs and i had a swedish massage! last year i also had a sulfur bath on this day, though that year it was out in the wild.


my friends made me a beautiful wreath.


i saw a peacock. behind the barbed wire. seemed like a great omen for this new year. it’s supposed to symbolize eternal love, immortality, fidelity and protection. oh yeah! bring it on…


humus for lunch. in spite of the enormous amount of cake i ate. both before and after.


rubber boots, mustard legs and my lovely bag is the shit. now, i am 28!

to those who tried to call, sorry for not picking up the phone yesterday, there was too much action…kiss and love!


Toril said...

Du ser assnygg ut i din outfit!! Å det låter som om du hade en helt underbar födelsedag...härligt:) kram kram kram

Evelina said...

Så trevlig födesledag du fick! :)

Grattis kram från snöigt Sverige.

fru a said...

låter som om det var en bra födelsedag! vårt paket har förstås inte kommit än..? puss o kram!

fröken L said...

Vilken härlig födelsedag!!! Önskar att jag hade varit där med dig.

sarapirat said...

toril. det var en ganska fin dag. lite konstig emellanåt. men det är okej...stor kram på dig

evelina, här snöslaskar det idag! tack och kram!

fru a, jo , tusen tack! pussåouss

frkn l, önskar att ni hade varit här jag med...krampuss

outi said...

you had a birthday? happy birthday Sarapirat!
so beautiful photos, all of them. looks like you had a beautiful day. and those pancakes..yammy..

sarapirat said...

outi, thank you so much! i had a special day. weird and nice, both.... the pancakecake was amazing, with maple syrup and passionfruit....