Saturday, December 19, 2009

my neighborhood




heavy clouds of rain. storms. thunder and lightning. and yesterday morning a very clear rainbow.this is our winter.extremely happy about all this rain. our rainwater tank behind the house is full, and we don’t manage to use enough water, so we invite everybody to take a nice, hot shower in rainwater while they are here. it both tastes and feels different.

and a long night with aching sinuses, coughing, stiff muscles and fever. i slammed my head into the door this morning, which caused a slightly blue,swollen eyebrow.

seems like one of those days you better just hide in bed.


Yaelian said...

Hoppas du redan mår bättre....

Det ser vackert ut där ni bor...
Nu är det soligt igen;jag skulle gärna ha mera regniga dagar.
Jättebra när man kan använda regnvatten! Här gör man ju ingenting för att samla regnvatten,och det enda jag kan göra, eftersom jag inte har balkong,är att sättä några skål nära fönstern....

Toril said...

Hoppsan..du får passa dig för de arga dörrkarmarna! Var rädd om dig:)

Livia said...

Sweet darling,
I just rediscovered your blog tingy...:)) i totally forgot about it, but than Ingetje reminded me:)
It's great to finally know and see things about you!!!
You look beautiful as always and happy.....that's nice to see........i miss you! I would also like to visit you one day but first I have to arrange the europian passport...hope that will make my life easyer..
mucho kisses and love to you and your lovely family:)

sarapirat said...

yaelian, idag känns det bättre, hoppas det håller i sig eftersom jag är på väg till tel aviv för träffa vänner som är här över jul. har det regnat mycket hos er? hoppas det blir mer regn och rusk den här veckan..

toril, :)

livia! so nice to hear from you, so great that you stopped by- would love to catch up with you, it has been toooooooooo long.
miss you too. how are things? still a non smoker? work kasper amsterdam parents brother???? kisskisskiss

outi said...

that rainbow is incredible..