Sunday, December 20, 2009

breakfast,take two&christmas guests


pink tea and an egg while talking to miss pink.


the second batch of ginger breads. somewhat meditative, squeezing out all those hearts.i have been running a mini health care at home the last day. some weird flu caught us, but i am still feeling ok enough to stand, boil water for tea & make fire in the fire place.

tonight these sweethearts are flying in from germany, i hope i will be strong enough to host you tomorrow morning!



outi said...

ouch, now you have the flu. my tip is to make fresh ginger tea with honey and lemon. i don´t know how effective it is, but it at least tastes like heaven;)
take care!

Toril said...

Krya på dig! Kram

sarapirat said...

outi, oh yes, this is a great one, i drink heaps of it, it's more or less floating in my veins my now... thank you!

toril, tack och kram!

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