Wednesday, December 30, 2009





incredible winter days. time moves so fast, i always need to think about it. what is a week? what can you actually do in a week? but instead of dwelling on that, i try to enjoy the moment, to the best of my ability. i just decided that this morning. cause that is my tendency to deal with, getting worked up and stressed for nothing. which is never much fun. tomorrow is another day, and another year aswell. breathe in breathe out.


Evelina said...

Underbar himmel på sista bilden...

Toril said...

Ja andas sakta är bra...:) önskar dig ett gott nytt! Det blir det bästa på länge eller hur?

sarapirat said...

evelina, jag samlar på dom! :)

toril, ja, det får det väl bli! gott nytt på dig med, kram