Sunday, November 9, 2008

if we were living in the same town....

i would have......
cooked you a splendid sara meal. opened a bottle of red wine. played you your favorite songs. asked you to show me some of your photos. went through the bookshelves.
talked about anything between heaven and earth.

but since you are not,
i will just go to sleep.

nighty night mr. c


rhino said...

on my bookshelf there is this marvellous book:
"ut og stjaele hester"
by mr. per petterson.

sarapirat said...

did u read it?
i was looking for you on skype the last few days.


rainer said...

yes i did, with pleasure and in one go.. i recommend it! was in amsterdam this weekend, and will be on and off the next 2 weeks... will stay with amaranta... she doesn`t seem to have internet access, so it´ll be difficult to reach us. but let´s see. will be back here next we, so that should be a good time to chat.. looking foreward!
big kiss!

Anonymous said...

tack, vad fin du är!