Sunday, November 30, 2008

happy advent

i found some left over lussebullar deep, deep, inside the freezer. they might even be from two winters ago.... anyhow, that made my advent morning a little bit more special.

and except for lussebullar, these are my top favorite dishes with saffron:

1. tagliatelle with zucchini in creamy saffron sauce. this dish was a revolution for me, once i had it in a very cosy, italian restaurant in paris.

2. avocado saffron shake. intense, heavy, but oh so good!

3. risotto milanese

4. homemade saffron icecream. like clouds melting in your mouth.

mhm. im hungry now.


fröken L said...

Åh, vill äta allt! Kan du maila lite recept?

sarapirat said...

ska se vad jag kan hitta på.