Friday, January 3, 2014

looking back


januray~it snowed, even the dogs were excited and I met my parents in jordan


february~travelled to europe and got nostalgic


march~spending much time with my friends son. wild-camping in the desert.


april~sneaking into an old, abandoned bathhouse and photographing strangers with a humble face on the bus


may~waiting for the bus and enjoying the company of my parents, the sweetest company you can imagine.


june~hours of growing my patience and skills as a babysitter and baker

2013 was a year full of community, hands-on work, earning less money but growing so much more. to be continued.


Anonymous said...

looks like an adventurous year you had. I hope this one will bring you more of it xoxo

Anonymous said...

What a year! I wish mine had even half the adventure of yours!

Here's to the new one....hope it's just as awesome.

Fröken Blund said...

alltså dina bilder...och att träffa sina föräldrar i jordan, bara en sån sak.
god fortsättning bästa Sara!

querido diário said...

I love this first round up :)

annika said...

Älskar dina bilder! Men det vet du ju :) Jag åker till Jordanien om en vecka, är det något man ska tänka på, jag är så peppad!

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

i especially like the to be continued.
way to go.

Anne said...

wat een mooie avonturen! hopelijk nog veel meer van deze in 2014... gelukkig nieuwjaar lieve sara!

Niken said...

great memories to keep :)

sarapirat said...

petra :) me too!

sarah, what a year. also yours seemed to be full of adventures and changes. let's see what 2014 will bring.

fröken blund, tack snälla du! kram

sara <3

annika, åh, spännande, vart då någonstans???kramar

woolfie, yes, the story is still being written, right?

anne, dankjewel! 2014 wordt spannend, volgens mij... toch?

niken :) yes!

Nanna van Berlekom said...

sÅ FINA BILDER! Gott nytt år fina Sara! Ja, synd att Uppsala och Göteborg inte ligger närmare varandra. Hade varit så fint att ses.... Stor stor kram

outi said...

Happy new year for you Sara dear!
All the best and new adventures to come:)