Monday, January 27, 2014

hello sweden, goodbye sweden


maybe one day I will be wise enough to just be there, without the comparing and without the expecting.

or maybe not. anyhow, in my mind it is always like a living fairytale.


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

It is wonderful to live a fairytale ….I like your blues & blacks too.

Anonymous said...

good point. I try not to compare either. it's hard, though, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

There's one place I visit and every time I do, I have to remind myself of the very same thing....just be. I can't tell you though how many times it's gotten the best of me and I've wished I could go back in time to be the person I wanted to be, but wasn't.

as Mr. Shakespeare said, "expectation is the root of all heartache."

annika said...

Åh det låter inte så dumt eller hur?! Men du vill ha mer, jag förstår det. Nästa gång du är i Sverig kanske vi kan fika och äta en semla ihop? Kram kram

Diogo Silva said...

Fairytales have two focal points. always have a happy ending and if we really wish this happy ending, we have to fight for it :-) that's the way I see. lovely photos!

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

maybe so,
maybe not.
as long as i can pop over here, i'll have a delightful year.
thxs for the best wishes, sara.

keep it coming, your wonder.

barbarabeesblog said...

I guess we compare because we want a clear answer, which we normally never get, because between black and white are many other shades.
Maybe you're the lucky one to life in both worlds.
Hugs to you,
barbara Bee

Magdalena Sander said...

your on 'your' babe. it will be worth the wait. however it will develop!

Andreia said...

Hi Sara.
I found your blog last night, during an heavy rain and wind storm. I read so many posts written by you..your words and photos gave warmth to my heart. You have such beautiful blog, with such genuine thoughts and beautiful photos. This is a pretty and nice place and for sure, i´ll keep in touch with your adventures :)
Home is always home, no matter where you´re. Don´t compare other places with your home because your home will always be your home, with your parents and friends.
Sara, i know it´s a bit late but, have a great year. Hope all your wishes will come true.
It is delightful to see the way you see simple and genuine :)

Anikó said...

i know those cakes, they are oh so indulgent! :)

Patrice A. said...

mooie post
maar het maakt me ook wat verdrietig
thuis daar waar ik kind was en ooit woonde
maar dat is er niet meer
mijn ouders zijn zo vaak verhuisd....
geniet van de meerdere werelden
zoals het is
zonder vergelijken al is dat moeilijk


en elke dag geniet ik
van de kardemom koffie
en hoop dat ze die hier
ook ergens verkopen ;^))

MontgomeryFest said...

It sounds so dreamy when you put it that way..

Pascale said...

Hey !!! i would love to meet you...

I am waiting for your mail when you are around.

querido diário said...

It will always be home even tough sometimes we just want to go 'outside' and play :*

Queen of Kammebornia said...

Maybe, or maybe it already is just the way it should be. Love & respect.

Anne said...

de eeuwige uitdaging… :)

sarapirat said...

sally, :) it is!

petra, it is!

sarah, what a wonderful quote of mr shakespeare...good one! he is completely spot on.

annika, :=) ibland så! det vore mysigt, jättegärna. i maj är jag där. kramar

diogo, interesting point! like that! thank you

woolfie, maybe maybe...lets see! blink blink! :)

barbara yes i often feel lucky and grateful. i think we define to undesrtand. not sure. maybe not. hugs to you

andreia, what a lovely comment to read by you! welcome here! and thank you for sharing. xxx.

aniko, yeah right??? do you eat them in finland too?

patrice, ik neem graag meer koffie voor je mee!
en ik kan mij jou verdrit voorstellen. pijnlijk, dat het niet meer is. dat het leven verandert. volgens mij gaan wij ook heel andere mensen zijn, een dag zonder onze ouders. oh. phu.
veel liefs

montgomoeryfest :) i like to dream!

pascale, great! that would be so much fun. can i find your mail on the blog?

sara :) <3

queen, så rätt! så rätt! kramar

anne, juist!