Sunday, December 29, 2013

a family portrait

_MG_2912 - Copy

all of them (including the gingerbread-house and myself) in one picture; the solution for a portrait on long-distance.

hey 2013 is about to end, are you getting ready to embrace a new year?


Ariane Reichardt said...

Oh, I love your family portrait including you, dearest Sara!
and, yes, I embrace the new year... it will be the year of a chinese horse and I am a horse ;-) I paw the ground!

I have found you on a pic of a beautiful wedding on fb... making 'the crow'. Showed it my daughters... then they try and try try and do now 'the Sara' :-)

So, and you? Are you embracing the new year? Wish you all the best and LOVE!

Hugs and kisses
xo Ariane.

Patrice A. said...

fijne foto!

lieve sara
ik wens je een
allemachtig prachtig 2014


Jael said...

Gott nytt år till dig Sara! Härlig portret!

Lovisa said...

Gillar att peangen är med på ett hörn också!... Den spelade ju en viktig roll i vårt pepparkaksbygge. :)

Ja, visst ska 2014 bli ett fantastiskt år!

Saknar dig, älskar dig, längtar tills du kommer hem!

Barbara said...

Loving that family portrait! so cute!

Deniesdenies said...

Mooi familieportret! Een heel fijn 2014 voor jullie!

annton beate Schmidt said...

all those stories, the years, the laughter and the tears in one picture; I love it. and yes, I am ready for the new year. ready to say goodbye to old one. first. the one leaving was a bit of a though cookie, but it taught me some. the rest I might understand later. and it brought me you, which is brilliant and lovely for starters. cheers to finding, not searching. and cheers to dancing. of course. a big hug from berlin to you!

sarapirat said...

ariane, oh that is so sweet! the sara crow....! dear. i hope i can embrace the new year. i think so! it goes so fast. and this year will be different. i guess every year is, but this one has a lot of changes coming along. hugs to you

patrice, ik wens je ook een onzettend mooie jaar! het wordt spannend! liefs

jael, tack detsamma! kramar

lovisa, eller hur? snart snart ses vi älskade du!

barbara, :) funny! hugs

deniesdenies, welkom en bedankt!

annton, i like that, 'the rest i might understand later'. i feel the same! and hope for the same. do we not 'know' eachother longer??? i am confused now! big hugs, happy new year

Anonymous said...

that's a great shot :)

I can't say I'm ready for the new year. I'm not not ready either. it's the 31st and it feels just like any other day. what I am ready for is for the holidays with all their restrictions to be over and to get back to life.

querido diário said...


Miss Upsey Daisy said...

Oh så fint. Fint med ett kort på dig också.

Mireille said...

Een dikke glimlach hier. Ver weg en toch dichtbij. Een heel gelukkig nieuw jaar! X

anna said...

:D nästan värd en förstoring och en inramning, den!