Saturday, October 5, 2013

out and about

crazy days, berlin, london, amsterdam, rotterdam in four days. I did not even bring my camera, that is how busy~workworkwork~ it is! love and hugs to you all, fall in europe is lovely.


Patrice A. said...

dat is maar 65 minuten met de trein
van hier naar daar
en rotterdam!!
mijn stad, mijn fijne, fijne stad....
jammer dat je programma zo vol zit
en zo krap in de tijd
eens, eens....

Patrice A.

annton beate Schmidt said...

you were here? oh, what a blessing for this town. how sad; i couldn't see you... enjoy your ride!

annika said...

Oj. Vilket rasande tempo. Men ibland är det härligt också. Och hösten hösten hösten. Kram!

Miss Upsey Daisy said...

Verkligen galet!

querido diário said...

Hope you will have a great time in between busy busy busy <3

Magdalena Sander said...

you sweetheart!!!
that sounds crazy!!! stress and pleasure united I guess! enjoy it as much you can! it sounds like adventure autumn! and amsterdam. hav been there in the last month two times. who knows, maybe we have been together there ;-)

so when you should come nearby, pleaaaase let me know. you are always invited here!
warm hugs!