Thursday, October 17, 2013

once upon a time it was summer


and now it isn’t anymore but I still enjoy the last moments of it, sun on my face and short sleeved shirts.

p.s finns det några svenska bloggare därute som frilansar/är egenföretagare som har lust att ge mig lite information om hur det funkar??


Julia da Franca said...

oh the beautiful wolf!!
miss the summer too.
now i am more into silence,
my brain needs that, my heart too.
your blog is still soulfood to me!

love, julia

burntfeather said...

pretty moss! It also looks like that gnome is giving her a mushroom, like a first date rose :) Sweet!

Anonymous said...

it feels like it's been once upon a LONG time ago...I love how pretty it is but it's already chilly and teasing us with winter winds.

Enjoy that sun as long as you can.

ps. that gnome picture is adorable! xo

Wallinskaya said...

Så himla snygg bild på staketet med murstolparna och alla andra bilder också förstås.

sarapirat said...

julia, silence is good, i understand your need for it. love to you

burntfeather, yeah right? the gnome and the babushka was a photo i arranged for two friends of mine moving into a new house... :)

sarah, indeed, loooong long time. not so much blogging lately. but coming back to it, slowly but surely! :) nice to have you here...

wallinskaya, tack snälla!

querido diário said...

moss,woods,wolf,love every single of this photos so much...
It is Fall but Porto is quite hot and sunny still,but i miss the long days already!