Friday, August 23, 2013

at the other sister’s


drinking wine on the balcony.

these days are so busy busy bee. I hope you are all taking care out there.


annika said...

Ser gott ut! Bra val :) Jag jobbar och jobbar men snart helg, solen lyser!

querido diário said...


Patrice A. said...

ziet er fijn uit
ik heb geen zus, alleen een broer
maar wel een paar heel goede vriendinnen!

en fijn weekend

Jael said...

Ha en härlig veckoslut! Var är du nu?

Stöket said...

Systrar i Sverige!
Har det blivit någon burgare i Malmö än?

nadine paduart said...

i notice you are having a siblings ball... you must feel chuffed. enjoy those moments, as you well show us.

note on your willingness to workshop and meet up with the other party of gals: if you send me your email adress, i add you to our 'challenge' circle, and you will be updated along.

sarapirat said...

annika, höstsol? kramar

sara :)

patrice en ik heb geen broer maar wel een paar goede vrienden! :)

jael nu i israel! du?

fröken stök, är inte i sverige längre och dessvärre ingen burgare i malmö den här gången men kanske nästa?!

nadine, oh yes mail coming your way! hugs!

Anonymous said...

santé sarapirat!

Anonymous said...

busy but it looks like you're having a whole lot of fun! Enjoy!!

Wine and decks go perfectly together, don't you think.... :)

Niken said...

have a great weekend!
sisters are the best

sarapirat said...

deinktvis, wauw! je bent hier weer! :) leuk!

sarah, these are already photos from the past but i was and i am having a good and downs, as usual, but in general good! :)

niken, thank you and same to you!

Lovisa said...

Jag saknar dig så mycket!!! Hemskt tomt utan dig...

Pussar, kramar, kärlek!