Thursday, December 27, 2012

this has been mentioned before


project ‘knitting as a therapy’ has been finished for this time. it became quite expensive but nice and warm.

looking up the word ‘therapy’ on my blog I found a few things that I mention as being therapeutic: (in case someone out there is looking for such activities)

1.bread baking



4.drinking beers.

5. making photos

which are your top five therapeutic activities?


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Yoga...making soup.....drawing....reading.....usually about someone else's life

Love the scarf!

Anonymous said...

Wish I had gotten that scarf from Santa! Your list works for me but I'd add reading and playing with my camera. And napping with a cat on my lap. :) Hope you're holidays have been lovely!

Yaelian said...

Vad den blev fin:) En bra lista;D

Miniatuurmensje said...

crochet, cooking and creating photographs are my therapeutic acts lately.

Patrice A. said...

goeie sjaal!
hmmm... therapeutisch:
snijden in linoleum
bakken (koek, brood)
wandelen met Splinter

Patrice A.

degene met wie ik huizen van koek maakte is nu 90
ze is Duits van origine
zij en haar man waren destijds een soort opa en oma voor mij, nee, meer nog dan dat, ook vrienden
een van hun tradities was het bakken van een koekhuis op eerste advent
en na de dood van haar man deed ik dat met haar samen
de koekhuizen maken we nu niet meer
enkel nog römertopf!

chrissy said...

Stringing words together,
watching the fire,
waiting for snow,
wishing I could knit.....:)

Anonymous said...

praten met vriendinnen
dutjes doen

mooie sjaal!

Monica B said...

lovely stitching. looks gorgeously warm too.

my top 5 therapies are always in flux...

right now

1. making any form of art
2. working on photos
3. walking in the woods
4. writing a blog post
5. hand-washing the dishes (sometimes)

annton beate Schmidt said...

the scarf was worth all the work nice one! when it comes to therapeutic things, they kind of chynge like seasons for me. right now, it is making hearty food, like sally said, somebody else's life, a glass of grog drunk slowly, watching swedish criminal movies & watching my man reading.

Birdie said...

This picture is lovely :)
Hum... my top 5 : listening my cat's purr / Making Pictures/ Drinking beer (or wine) / Cooking / Eating chocolate.

Elle said...

Reading,making photos, knitting, swimming, take care about my feet and my hair!

Magdalena Nowak said...

My Dear!
For me it is definetly baking. Not only bread but cakes, muffins, cookies and so mich more!
Biiiiiiiig Hug to you my friend!

Nanna said...

förutom att prata med nån klok människa...

gå snabbt

kram och gott nytt år

ps.. jag bodde på en kibbutz i norra israel, nästan på gränsen till libanon. Under 6 mån jobbade med allt möjligt: apelsinplantage, matsal, kök osv.. träffade hur mke härliga människor som helst - det är snart 15 år sen men det känns ibland som det var igår..

Merel said...

je mond lijkt wel een hartje :-)
Mijn therapeutische activiteit van vandaag: heeeel langzaam een hele grote afwas doen met muziek in mijn oren.

sarapirat said...

dear all of you,
loving to read your lists,
realizing i forgot a few favorites, like YOGA, of course...and meditation, and cleaning, and talking to someone....

hugs and love

Anne said...

solitary walks, taking photos, making soup. watching the fire & good belgian beers with friend!

congrats on the scarf!
wish I could knit like that!!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

crochet, deffo.
which reminds me..
i think i'm gonna need me a hook.

Rachel said...

my children

Therese said...

1. Making images and photos.
2. Walking.
3. Reading.
4. Talking to people.
5. Watching movies.