Thursday, December 6, 2012


_MG_4841_MG_4793diskhandskarbirdbreakd&s_MG_4847_MG_4804ben gurion-kastrupträdkrona_MG_4815_MG_4838_MG_4800


#1,3,6,9,11-scandinavian winter.

#2,4,5,7,10,12middle eastern winter

#8, in between the two.


annika said...

Nu du är det inte bara random utan riktig vinter här! Snön faller tyst och utan stopp. Jag älskar det! Tyst. Rent. Ljust. Vackert. Snökramar!

Yaelian said...

Är du i Sverige redan? Vilken gullig bild av dig och lilla gubben:)

annton beate Schmidt said...

oooh, your pictures! as I have just finished cleaning the bathroom, the rubber gloves are quite familiar. though yours are a bit nicer in blue, than mine, duckfeet colored ones. berlin has snow today too and it always amazes me, how it changes people's mood. snow seems like a pazifier for stressed out grown-up. x a.

p.s. do you have an idea where lili has flown to? I miss her.

Patrice A. said...

vanmorgen was onze wereld wit
en er wordt nog meer verwacht
in het bos was het
sprookjesachtig mooi
net als je foto's

Patrice A.

La Dolce Vita said...

Seems like one winter is foggy and really chilly and the other winter is warm and sunny ! Which one do you prefer Sara? Great shots by the way, I love the randomness of the shots and the humor/meaning of the 8th photograph :) Especially liking birds on wire, sunlight on the flower, the baby and the last one, cradle photo. But the most lovely is the window shot ...those burning candles through the window presents a warm and magical wintry image.
All the best to you !

Ariane Reichardt said...

So you finely are in Sweden?!
Dear Sara,
today outside the Castle at the Eisenbach is covered in white... snow has fallen at night!
Its so wonderful peaceful, quiet and beautiful.
So your photos are. Its your inner strength finding the way...

Love hugs
x Ariane.

demie said...

My favourite: the one with the apples
wherever you are may winter be kind : )

Anonymous said...

One world but so different. I'm hoping my winter is filled with snow and roaring fires. Hope yours is filled with everything you hope it to be too...

I love the window photo. Candles in the window always make me happy.

sarapirat said...

annika, jag med! gör mig lycklig och ljusare, snön! hoppas den ligger kvar. snöskottning är dessutom toppen workout! kramar

yaelian, ja! redan! så härligt. han är go. lille david. kramar

annton, duckfeet colored sounds cooler though! :) i imagine berlin is amazing in snow...would love to be there, too! funny that you ask, cause i have been asking around too about lili, no clue, she is gone in space it seems? thinking of her!

patrice, heerlijk prachtig is het! zo blij om in een echte winter te landen! liefs

la dolce vita, one is sunny and sometimes quite wet, the other is white and cold so far. i love both. they are so very different. but the white and cold one is connected to childhood memories, such wonderful memories, can't do much but loving it.
hugs to you!

ariane, i hope so! that my inner strenght is finding its way! enjoying your snowy pics too! happy

demie, the apples reminds me of the cheeks of the little boy above, hugs to you!

sarah, thank you dear! last night we did a sauna, and drank some mulled wine, very essential parts of wintermood for me. ahhhh! hugs!

anna said...

så himla gött att du är hemma :)

Miss Upsey Daisy said...

Välkommen till Sverige!

Merel said...

alle winters komen in mooie kleuren!

sarapirat said...

anna, yes, visst! när ses vi då??? kramar

miss ud, tack! så fint att vara här!

merel, mmmm zo is het inderdaad!

Candy Bling Blogger said...

I love these nd I miss you!!!!

outi said...

most cutest baby photo! so serious and honest eyes, beautiful.

looks fine in there, also a lot of snow? i like it like this. Winter otherwise is so tough for me, snow makes it softer and smoother.

Enjoy! lots of greetings, from the other side of the sea:)

sarapirat said...

b, miss you too!
did you get my message on gmail?

outi, yes he is beautiful this boy. and such a character! the snow indeed makes it easier. and i did not have the long grey autumn before that....but still! i feel so tired here, much more than usual, because of the short days...hugs to you!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

no worries.
snowcheck for ya...
and enjoy the nordic challenge...

Marieke said...

Brrr, koud, maar mooi!

Anne said...

wat lief, dat kinderwagentje!

chrissy said...

Oh, these photos and the ones from the other winter post make me so happy:) They are just exquisite...and me makes me yearn soooo much for the quiet blanket of winter. We are going to Sweden for three weeks this summer, as my husband and his family are Swedish. It will be my third time there and I am dreaming daily of the birch and stoney moss walks. One day I will get there in the winter:)

sarapirat said...

woolf, will do! it might come sooner than expected... ! :) hugs

marieke, ja, koud! en vris! en lekker!...

anne, ja, vond ik ook, een beetje creepy ook toch?

chrissy, where and when will you be in sweden? perhaps we can meet up for a swedish fika?!