Saturday, July 28, 2012

wishing you a sweet weekend

dad&daughterflowers on the stool

started the day with meditation and tea. now no plans, lots of time and a bit of creativity.  will make a good day i believe. love and hugs♥


s said...

inga planer, massa tid och en kreativ känsla. not bad! blir nog en bra dag, det här! själv ska jag ha hit familjen på sent födelsedagsfirande, sen kanske Kent-konsert på Slottsgården eller bara en bra kväll på stan. all värme till dig!

Monica said...

"lots of time and a bit of creativity"
sounds like bliss to me.

nice flower shot too.

enjoy weekending!

Miren Iriondo Photographie said...

Good summer for you also. Enjoy!

nathalie et cetera said...

a very good weekend to you too!

In case you came back to my blog and saw that I deleted your comment, it was by mistake. I wanted to delete the comment below yours, which was a spam!

Anikó said...

delicate little hands... how is it possible to be so small and perfect :)

Elle said...

A woman with her child in the arms, and now the flashback," the day he /she was born crossed her mind...she remembered this special day and all the bad details whose happened."
Something like that but two or three lines each time with the pictures of the other when we feel that's the next part.. A kind of deal like that. But perhaps is it too much planned or...who knows?

Elle said...

Sorry for the mistakes I'm sure "Whose" isn't correct, please feel free to laugh!

sarapirat said...

s, not bad alls! sag du min syster pa kent konserten? och hur var det med familjen? kramar

monica, is and was a bliss, started another baby quilt! hope you have a great weekend aswell.

miren, thank you! ♥

nathalie, oh i did not see that! no worries~:)

aniko, yes, and their smell! wow!

elle, do you have children now i wonder? like that idea, it is like stafett or how do you call it in english? :) i commented at your place btw!

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

sounds like perfection to me :)

La Dolce Vita said...

the close capture of the baby's hands, where the soft and delicate texture was sensitive eyes you have...
Thank you for sharing these photographs.
have a nice day !

till-vidas-ara said...

låter underbart! som sagt, ensamtid är det ont om här. kan sakna. har allvarliga tankar på en bok jag vill skriva. men i vilken värld har man tid med sånt? faktiskt en trädgårds bok - en för norra Sverige..en med inspiration och drömmar, och hur man kan fixa det fast många inte tror det. bygga sig trädgårdsrum. tror det är en god idé...hmm..får se..tiden..aaah!

kramar Lycke

sarapirat said...

trinsch, oh yes, pretty much was! ♥

la dolce vita, thank you. the mother of the child told me that her nails had just been released from the top of the fingers. amazing right?

lycke vilken fantastisk ide! sarskilt det att den baserar sig pa norra sverige. tanker du dig aven gronsaksodling o dyl? jag vill lasa! pick a dream, then chase it! jag haller pa dig! go go go lycke! kramar