Saturday, February 18, 2012

snow break


it is either hailing, raining or snowing today. snow is the top favorite, by far…


Iris Vank said...

Hier alleen maar regen. Maar ik ben wel blij dat de kou uit de lucht is! Zit je nog in Zweden trouwens? Ik ben de tel een beetje kwijt. ;)

Ariane Reichardt said...

Is the snow following you,
dear sweet Sara?
That little girl with wild temperament... its very strong and very sensitive. Love how she enjoys the snowflakes. Great pic.
And man with cigarette behind his ear... smart, isn't he?

Its 'warm' here in Germany... no snow or ice in Hamburg. Longing now for Spring...

Lots of love for you,

et lille oejeblik - a little moment said...

hi - you're back? <3

outi said...

oh the snow!
this morning i was the first one getting out from this house. i had to push the outdoor really hard to get it open. i made a little path on the yard. after 15 min i came back, and the snow had already covered that path i made!
it´s snowing snowing snowing here now too...

Yaelian said...

Är du här igen? Så fint att det snöade i norra Israel:)

lamediterrània said...

Is that Israel Sara? Does it snow a lot over there?
Big kisses!

Saphia-Resa said...

Thank you that you thought of me and send this message. I don't feel that good but... well, whatever.
I like the first picture here a lot. That little snowflakes in his hair, the plump pullover and the warm tee. That's harmonic.

demie said...

yes! snow is the top favorite by far...Always!

Patrice A. said...

de sneeuw verdween in een dag
na grijze dagen schijnt nu de zon
en het lijkt het bijna lente!
door de omslag van het weer
allemaal ziek ;^(
behalve ik ;^)

dag, geniet van de sneeuw
mooie man, mooi kind
mooie jij


sarapirat said...

iris, regen weer dus! hier ook warmer. en hier is niet meer zweden... het gaat snel! :)

ariane, it is! and it left me already as well.. much temperament but he is a little boy! but sweet like a girl too! :) and he has a pen behind his ear, hihihi, but i saw now that it looks like a cigarette...
that's it, the winter left you? i start to feel like spring too. my skin longs for sun and warmth.
love and hugs

trinsch, ken! let's meet...sometime?

outi, wow, and still like this? sounds great though. i was so happy with the winter in sweden. finally!

yaelian, det var mest blötsnö men ändå! kramar

lamedi, not a lot, but sometimes and only in the mountains or in jerusalem. funny how the climate is so different from the coast. ♥

saphia-resa, was a harmonic moment...sorry to hear! and it is not whatever, but important, don't forget!

demie, yes yes yes!

patrice, wauw, altijd zijn er genoeg reden om ziek te worden helaas. nu lente dus?! gezellig. hier begint het ook. maar misschien nog een storm daarvoor...

Pascale said...

They are both beautiful !-)