Tuesday, February 28, 2012


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jumping from rehearsals in the studio straight to the construction site of the building of my friends house *which will be the coolest ecohouse! D.I.Y style!* i like this balance. these days i less identify myself with a profession, which is somewhat weird cause it leaves a void inside of me, but with the void comes the space and the freedom. interesting to observe how space and freedom can be almost threatening at times, simply because it is unknown.   

wine and porridge for supper, another ‘best of two worlds’ scenario. how are you doing this tuesday evening?


annika said...

Yoga och yoga :) Och så lite rysk yoghurt med mandlar som belöning. må gott Sara!

demie said...

"but with the void comes the space and the freedom"

Thank you for this exact sentence Sarapirat!

outi said...

well said about space and freedom. it can be even a bit frightening, cause EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

I had sauna last evening, this morning i started with porridge too. my favorites also. but without wine, i´m still going to read an audio book, wine could make it a bit too fluent;)

have a sunny surprising day Sara!

Rachel said...

It's good to have such freedom while you are young! You are rich in so many ways. Your travel, your talent, your friends, family, etc. You have such unique opportunities and you take advantage of them. It's inspiring. In some ways I imagine my Greta becoming a woman like you, enjoying her freedom with her hands in everything and traveling the world!

To answer your question, yes, Greta and Henry DO fight. But not that often. They are very very close. Greta is his protector everywhere they go. It's wonderful to watch them grow together.
have a great day!

Iris Vank said...

Ik had deze foto's gemist. Wat een perfecte combinatie!