Wednesday, June 29, 2011

little lessons of zen


this morning i discovered that i currently live less than five minutes from the sea. five minutes! i practically live on the beach! where have i been the past month? absentminded&preoccupied? forget that is is temporary and half my home is somewhere else- it is a DREAM COME TRUE!

walking back from the beach i met a bus driver who was chilling out in the trunk of the bus while waiting for his passengers to return and he told me ‘this is life’ and i thought to myself that these are exactly the words i needed to hear.

and yesterday a man working in a kiosk gave me the equivalent of 2 euros since i didn’t have any small change for the laundromat. i thought that was so special, his trust and the generous gesture to a stranger.

3xeveryday magic. 


Patrice A. said...

5 minuten vanaf het strand
genieten, genieten
en ja
het gaat om


annika said...

Wow! Några minuter från stranden. Live your dream Sara! Och DU är speciell. Det är väl det alla ser? Kramar

fru a said...

vad fint! missade dig ju. men vi hörs. snart. puss!

Helena said...

haha första bilden e bara för skön!
och härligt att bo så nära stranden! själv har jag jobbat i atlanten idag. nästan i alla fall, barnens lilla pool gick lite sönder idag hehe...vatten över halva gården! men bara roligt för all del :)

barbarabeesblog said...

So close to the ocean how wonderful - I think this is always what viking hearts need - as well as wise bus drivers (I love his picture!).

Magdalena Nowak said...

Know these moments very well!
had something like this hapening too last week! the little treasures from people who sont know us are so unexpected and sooo beautiful!

Evelina said...

Havet - ta vara på det! :) Kram

sarapirat said...

patrice. zeker weten! we'll do our best, toch?♥

annika, du är fin, och speciell du med! känns som att ju mer vi inser att vi som oftast sitter i samma båt med våra medmänniskor så blir livet lite enklare, tillgängligare! kram

fru a, idag? kollar fb nu! puss

helena, låter ganska mysigt! vattenkrig? är det varmt i svealand? kram

barbara, i agree with you, more ocean for the vikings! and i guess a busdriver is similar to a sailor...

magdalena, curious about your similar moments! beautiful indeed. i feel grateful.

evelina, ja, jag gör det! kram

Anki said...

Dat zijn inderdaad mooie momenten. Go Sara!
De bovenste foto is geweldig trouwens.

nathalie et cetera said...

you live near the beach and just realized it?!!! haaaa! enjoy girl, enjoy!!! love the first photo!