Wednesday, May 13, 2009


it makes me think of mormons, this skirt. probably a way off association. we are about to board our flight to virginia. 12hours. then five hours waiting in newark. then another flight. i brought color pencils. books. music. veggies. juice. tennis balls for sore muscles.

bye for now.


Anonymous said...

hey babydoll, so i guess we missed eachother on the phone yesterday...for how long are you gonna be touring this time? be aware of the swine-flue, i heard it`s likely to attack sweet little swedish girls in dance-costumes, especially if they are called sara... ;-) just joking, i think the whole panic/hysteria is really overexaggurated. have fun or smth like it, big kiss and would love to haer from you in the meantime.... **yours, miss phuss.YY

sarapirat said...

we did. but i will try reaching you when i get was nice speaking to folke though! kiss