Wednesday, May 6, 2009



if we would have 30 hours instead of 24 each day, maybe i would manage to do all the things i want to? this night i made a silverbeet pie. yummy. and then i ate an awful amount of jelly beans for dessert. i skipped the pub evening but had a few glasses of wine with friends instead. and talked in particular about women. but i didn’t yet finish sewing, nor packaging letters and gifts i want to send abroad, i haven’t made those calls i was intending to, and a few books are dying to be read. at least life is not boring. and bones is here snoring next to me. good night.

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Anonymous said...

Kan jou het schelen. Morgen weer een dag. Een paar uur extra per dag lijkt me wel wat. Maar dan zou ik ook extra lang moeten kunnen slapen. xxxxxxx els