Tuesday, January 27, 2009


i walked to see my physiotherapist, and concluded that once again, i had this kinda bored, unmotivated mood, sort of wondering if this is it? but without drama, just realizing that another day has passed.

i arrived to my treatment, and atir, the physio, told me that this weekend, on his birthday (another aquarius!) one of his best friend had a heart attack and is now laying in coma since then.
about 36 years old. kids and wife. and, from one minute to the other, he is there but not present.

it hits me over and over these days. the fact that we don't know when or how it will happen. life is so dynamic. there is simply NO TIME to waste.
then again, i forget, fall into my patterns of thinking and behaviour.
just to get a slap in the face again.

i am hoping that this year, i can find more harmony between those two states of mind.


Anonymous said...

Vad synd att vi befinner oss pa olika kontinenter Sara.. det later som att vi tanker pa samma saker..

sarapirat said...

ja, jag tänker det ofta när jag läser din blogg nuförtiden, att det vore så himla kul att ses igen.
höra mer ingående vad du har för dig, vad du tänker på.

anna said...