Friday, January 16, 2009

a few pieces of the dutch puzzle

all the lakes and channels where frozen in the netherlands. for the first time in 12 years. people were ice skating like mad.

els and i walked around the lake.

and had a lovely evening at her place.

there are so many beautiful details in her home. like this old mirror.

and these hanging plants.

and all those colorful plates (a few brought once from emmaus by me!!!)

i slept like a princess.

and ate like one aswell.

spend wonderful time with jenny and fanny.

and a few brief hours with amit.


fru A said...

ser ut som om det var toppen! kram

Heidi said...

Ar du i Holland nu?! Vill se dig ju..Kram Heidi

sarapirat said...

fru a, ja, fint var det!

heidi, jag var i holland, och tanken slog mig att jag kunde ta ett tåg till antwerpen. men jag hade alldeles för lite tid. är redan tillbaka i israel. nästa gång??? kram

Heidi said...

ahhh va kul...for dig alltsa! Ja vi far ses nasta gang. Din blogg ar ju kul att lasa. Statoil