Saturday, July 26, 2008

to do list new york

* visited the broadway dance center
* ultra orthodox laptop store aswell (...)
* we found the nassau street and the french hairdresser friend of lola
* we walked over the brooklyn bridge
* got lost in brooklyn, with no cabs wanting to take us
* had a bus trip to williamsburg
* found a lovely rooftop restaurant. mojitos!
* saw chicago on broadway. i fell asleep!

today: back in williamsburg for breakfast and strolling. abit more of that before entering the central park and summerstage,
lets hope it will be fun!


fru A said...

hoppas ni haft en toppen föreställning! varför ville ingen taxi plocka upp er!?!

fröken L said...

Åh, det låter ljuvligt! Är väldigt avundsjuk...