Friday, July 11, 2008


the premiere and two following performances of 60 Hz is behind my back. such a relief! the opera house of tel aviv was full, and i enjoyed plenty of good food in the big city/especially sushi/but the heat is unbelievable, i kept telling yuko that it seems like a silly joke somehow. or, rather the humidity than the heat. it doesn't matter that you just showered, changed into dry, clean, and minimal, airy clothes, within a few minutes outside, or anywhere without airco for that start to get sticky. and stickier. and stickier...

so, arriving back in the kibbutz is lovely. 30 degrees up in the mountains is a different story all together. i have been laying in the hammock outside, under the trees, with a coffee and a swedish book, music in my ears. now and then watching the birds fly above me. the sun going down in the horizon. mmmm..... now, i might put on some 'sommarpratare', thank you fru a for reminding me of this phenomena! thank god it is weekend!

and now, perhaps a glass of wine...?


fru A said...

åh, det låter ju alldeles underbart ju!

fröken L said...

Mmmm... Ett glas vin (eller för den delen flera!) är aldrig fel!