Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a little bit of text

no pictures this time...
i will have a long weekend (but a busy such) cause of pesach. most likely i will be going urban. wish me luck!
yesterday was a lovely evening, after work i went to our little second hand shop which was finally open again (always manage to find plenty of more and less useful stuff there), then i went to an improvisation session, and danced, jumped and screamed like a wild child. i was soaked afterwards. (around 30 degrees the last few days) and very pleased....
*important to remind myself what i love about dancing when the routine gets too strong*
then, i made myself an amazingly tasty pasta, had a wine while packing, and collapsed in bed at eleven. *eleven>seven thirty is more restful than twelve>eight thirty, go figure*

i will even have enough positivity from yesterday to bring with me today to the studio.
wish you all a lovely weekend,
remember: no yeast, no beer etc. etc. :)



fru A said...

ha en toppen helg. vi måste höras snart! puss

fröken L said...

Försökte ringa dig igår, men nu insåg jag att du ju är bortrest... Ha det skönt, så hörs vi snart!