Tuesday, April 1, 2008

hell, i don't mind to share...

usually, i think my sweat smells like fresh baked bread (not bad, huh?!)
today, in a improvisation session, it smelled like celery!

(i ate some lately, is it possible that it perfumed my body odor?)


Karin said...

Farskt brod!! Det ar ju fantastiskt!
Sjalv har jag borjat med sk naturlig deo, utan cancerframkallande aliminumskit i: det funkar.. sadar.. Men vad gor man inte?!

sophiacleff said...

hey you, sorry i wasnt there when you phoned. we went to ikea...verrrrry inspiring:-(
how about we try tomorrow night again, i`ll be home around 9.30h. right now i have some friends over.