Thursday, June 5, 2014

2xwedding moments


cava on top of the car and a pair of shoes below.


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

:0) !!!

Anonymous said...

yeah :)

Niken said...

i'm curious why that shoes ended up there

annika said...

:) Ska på cocktailparty ikväll!

Nanna van Berlekom said...

Du är grym på att fånga ögonblick du... Stor kram genom natten

Andreia said...

That wedding must have been really cool :)
I wonder why the shoes owner decided to take it off...maybe too heat on his foot? lool or too much wine? :p
I love your country and thank you so much for the nice words you wrote me :) i know you have been busy but take the time you need, i´ll wait. Thank you for everything :)
Hope you´re fine.

sarapirat said...

sally :)

petra yeah yaeah!

niken hahaaa me too, but i guess it was someone who's feet were aching and he wanted to make sure that he would still find them in the end of the evening. cause this was only at the start!

annika, åh hur var det?

nanna, tack snälla! kramar

andreia, swedish weddings of this kind are very nice...warm and happy! good food and nice people. i danced a lot! well, i think his shoes were new perhaps, and painful!

Anne said...