Sunday, May 18, 2014

18 days/214 pictures


perhaps it is my longest blog-break ever. meanwhile I am falling for france, especially the nature, the cheese and the pastries.

are you still around?


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Hi sara ....I'm still here....I leave for France tomorrow....where are you? If you are near the southwest (near Toulouse)4 let me know....I would love to connect with the photos! Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

I'm still here and missing your posts! But we all need a break sometime - hopefully yours has been fabulous. ♥

annika said...

Självklart. Här är jag och så glad att se dig igen! kramar

Ariane Reichardt said...

Yes, I am still around, dearest Sara!
You are absorbed by France? Well, sounds wonderful :-)

Lekker fotos, Dear!

xo Ariane.

Unknown said...

Hi Sara, me too - and I can understand the love for france and the cheese and everything, I also love the wonderful houses.... wonderful photos.
barbara bee

Andreia said...

Hej Sara :)

I missed your long´s good to know you´re back! France is a beautiful country and i´m sure you´re falling in love with their bread and cheese. The bread is great and they´re masters in what they´ll return home with many ideas for your sourdough bread that always makes my mouth watering :)
Enjoy France and vive le amour hehe

querido diário said...

i'm here :)

Anonymous said...

lol, yes, we're still around. heading over to France shortly myself :)

Patrice A. said...

i am here!

fijne foto's
ik heb zin in vakantie
niets anders doen
dan kijken, genieten en lezen

deze week (of volgende week ;^))
ga ik starten met een desem
voor zuurdesembrood
denkend aan jou

Anne said...

Hier lukt het ook maar moeizaam met het bijhouden van mijn blog. Nadeel van Instagram misschien, waarmee het zoveel makkelijker foto's delen is? Maar mijn voorkeur gaat toch uit naar deze mooie plaatjes :) Fijn dat je zo aan het genieten bent van Frankrijk. Bon apres-midi!

Fröken Blund said...

jag är här, deeply in love med dina bilder.
ta med hunden hem.

Queen of Kammebornia said...

I love your pictures!

sarapirat said...

sally, i wrote you at your place! check it out! thank you!

sarah, it has many things...also fabulous. happy to see you again!

annika :) <3 ler och blir glad. kramar

ariane, it is quite wonderful. and very fatty! hahaha! hugs and happy you are here

barbara, thank you! happy you are here!

andreia, me too i guess. missed it. and dropped by yours aswell today, missed that too! i hope my sourdough will breathe some good french air and that the french flour will do magic. hugs

sara, yeay! happy you are!

petra, where are you going? xx

patrice, en waneer heb je vakantie? wat leuk met je desem, laat mij weten hoe het gaat! liefs

anne, ja mijn voorkeur ook. toch een beetje langzamer, wat goed is vind ik. instagram is leuk maar heel anders. t'rusten!

fröken blund, glad blir jag! att se dig här! kramar

Anonymous said...

såklart jag finns kvar/s

nadine paduart said...

alive and kicking, darling. patrice, whom i've met just a few weeks ago (and also ariane & barbara) told me about your meeting. she felt enchanted by it. in a way you are enchanted by france. i understand. n♥