Wednesday, March 19, 2014

makes my heart beat faster


…does these two:my dearest friend ingetje and the magnolia tree behind her house.

saw this movie and fell for this song.

and I am doing my first, hesitant steps over at instagram, you can find me under @sarasoldhersoul


Jael said...

Jag började också med Instagarm för en månad sedan.letade dig up och är nu en "follower",D

till-vidas-ara said...

OOh är du där nu!!! Varning - beroendeframkallande :) måste kika så jag hittar dig! Blir alldeles salig av den där magnolian <3<3<3

kramhögar Lycke

Niken said...

lovely photos

annika said...

Underbar sång och tack för filmtipset. Och vår magnolia är långt ifrån att slå ut, det ser underbart ut. Ha en fin helg!

Andreia said...


That tree is amazing :)
Spring has come and it is beautiful to see.
That movie seems to be very interesting and the music is lovely :)
Have a good weekend and have fun.

Anne said...

leuk die bovenste foto!
heb toevallig ook net die film gezien, mooie mensen en ja prachtig liedje!!

querido diário said...

Im going to had you on instagram :) and now i am going to check that film and song!

Daan said...

and i love it that you're on instagram! Zie je daar met al je mooie plaatjes <3

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ said...

and such limited editions, every spring, those magnolia's... ever so abundant when they bloom though. n♥

martita said...

Ay, Sarita!! I knew it! I saw la grande bellezza as well and I was crazy about that song. So, so moving. It really creates strong feelings within me!
Its been a long, looooong time. Love to read you. Wishing you well.
Besos (this time from Berlin),