Thursday, November 28, 2013

bring me winter


it’s like pushing a button, around this time of the year I am always hit by the strongest longing for wintersweden and my family.


Patrice A. said...


deze tijd van het jaar
maakt dat ik mijn broer nog meer mis
vorig jaar was ik daar
in Helsinki Finland
toen de eerste sneeuw viel....


barbarabeesblog said...

Oh, yes I can understand this, can't even image how it is to life somewhere were its mostly always warm. As much I would love it, I would miss winter with snow like hell. But sometimes we don't even have snow.
Are you going to sweden for christmas holidays?
barbara bee ♥

Anonymous said...

I think it's the change in seasons and holidays near. I get that feeling too...not so much the winter but wanting to hang out with family and the traditions of when I was younger. It's already snowed here so anything goes now!

Hope you get your wish. xo

Queen of Kammebornia said...

Åh! Jag skickar vinterkänsla till dig! Och tackar för dina varma ord som glädjer mig. Kram!

Anonymous said...

lovely photos, but the idea of winter and the cold and short days and long nights still terrifies me...

petal and plume said...

so beautiful!

sarapirat said...

patrice, oh ik snap dat heel goed hoor! komt hij naar nederland deze winter? of ga je nog een keer daarnaartoe? liefs

barbara, mhm that is exactly what i do. i need the contrast of the season. it is way more subtle here. and i am afraid i won't be there this christmas :( that is why my longing is even stronger.

sarah, visiting your blog it looks like its becoming more and more wintery by the day! cozy!

queen, tack snälla fina du! kram

petra, don't be terrified, it has a certain charm to it :) i believe we need to fight it less and just accept that we need to shift gears.

petal and plume :) hello there!

annika said...

Åh den där rimfrosten! Vaknade med den utanför fönstret men himlen är grå och ändå alldeles underbar! Kom till Sverige1

anna said...

kom heeeeeeeem!