Saturday, October 23, 2010

more still life


a little bit of finland through the mailbox, outi, you are so sweet!

drinking some wine with friends and wondering when my cough will vanish?  

dreaming many dreams and baking muffins. how’s your weekend?


Yaelian said...

Oj vad gulligt av Outi.Fazers salmiak ,gott!!!

Evelina said...

Helt värdelös med tanke på att min dator inte här helt ok än... ofrivillig bloggpaus suger! Kram

outi said...

happy to hear it arrived:)

i still have the beautiful textile i got from you, i want to think carefully what i will make out of it. i´m afraid i spoil it some how;)

ahh, it´s finally sunday. i have had a bit heavy week with lots of work, which is good also, but now i´m just so kaput i will just take it reeeeeally easy today.
i wish you a relaxing day too and send you a big hug! <3

Miss Upsey Daisy said...

Underbar helg. Bland de bästa den här hösten helt klart. :)

sarapirat said...

yaelian, jättegulligt, och gott!

evelina, oh no..ta många bilder istället, i väntan på din nypremiär!kram

outi, oh yes, and i was even happier to receive it! curious to see what it will become once you decide. hope you had enough rest to start a new week today. still confusing that the week starts on sundays here. love and hug

miss ud, åh, det låter fint!