Sunday, August 2, 2009



we had our end of the season party yesterday night. it was special…. so much creativity and warmth. afterwards i still finished off the last cleaning of my ex-home. returned the keys this morning. goodbye and thank you, you have been so good to me,sweet home.

and i already received my first package to my new address. a package for the new start. which rapidly began this morning with my first working day at my new job. outside the studio there is this very pretty fountain. it lights up at night and looks abit like a spaceship.

the only downside is that i am very homesick. familjen, i MISS you!


Fru A said...

längtar efter dig med :( har fyllt på med en massa naturromantiska bilder för att spä på din hemlängtan lite till!

flickanochtanten said...

vad mycket spännande det verkar vara i ditt liv nu. stora omställningar. det ser vackert och levande ut på bilderna. kram!

sarapirat said...

fru a, det lyckades! hur mår ni?

flickanochtanten, stora och små omställningar. life is dynamic... kram till dig med!