Thursday, July 16, 2009




i have bruises like two identical twins on my knees. they can almost kiss eachother.

yesterday i prepared myself for a difficult conversation. those situations when you need to clarify your needs and say ’no, thank you’, and you feel so guilty about it *for no reason*. so i weighed my words, chose them well, with my heart pounding i dialed the number. courageous me! and the person on the other end shrugged me of. without even hearing what i had to say. and didn’t call me back again, as agreed. and i thought to myself, how extremely complicated we make life by our communication. or lack of communication. ‘cause in the end of the day, it is mostly about communication. speaking from your heart, saying what you want, and not to focus on what you don’t want. hm. one point to me for daring.


li la lotus said...

very proud of you :) you get one fat point for daring from me as well.

Yaelian said...

Bravo Sara! Så synd bara att personen i telefonen inte var så förståndig..

sarapirat said...

sophia and yaelian,
the story continued yesterday, but with a happier ending! i managed to get all my thoughts out, and i got a very respectful respond.