Wednesday, August 13, 2008


and todays surprise (after lovely morning with mini roadtrip in great company),
the company had the guts to change my ticket, without even consulting with me before.
so did my travel agent! can you believe that???!!!!!!!!!

i am so upset. i didn't know i could get like this,
already barked/screamed at 2,5 people via the phone in less than an hour.
now, im slightly sweaty and exhausted!!!

and mr octopus, thank you for being mr fix it! xxx


rainer said...
exquisite anger management...just make sure to pump up the volume... love, r

mr.octopus said...
and this to bring zen back to your life... :)njoy!

sara said... know i love tool. i will pump up the volume in my headphones!


Anonymous said...

thank joo!
great miniroadtrip,liked it as well! arrived to the dentist just in time.
mr c (?)