Friday, February 15, 2008

a free friday

*i might continue this development, to turn this blog into a photo blog rather than anything else*i had a gorgeous free day@home, finally: cleaning, many rounds to the compost, phonecalls, music, jasmine tea, earthquake :)*i peeled a red pomelo that has been laying around here for two months! the peel turned from green to yellow, and i tried to use it as a hat*and now, i defrosted about six 'lussekatter' and devoured them with butter*

*frkn L & fru A, you are not forgotten, tried phoning both of you today*i hope you feel well*

1 comment:

anna said...

jag vet, ledsen att jag missade dig. kan väl försöka höras närmaste dagarna? mår väl...ok...