Wednesday, January 16, 2008

a few things that need to happen

*i need to leave my candy alone
*my house needs to heat up
*i need to prepare, emotionally and physically for a few monster weeks. starting tomorrow. (crazy schedule, too many performances, too few rehersals)
*i need to clean my house
*and besides that, enjoy life, talk on the phone, rest, stretch, meditate, write, cook, sleep, etc etc


fröken L said...

Det låter ungefär som vad som behöver hända i mitt liv!
Bortsett från förberedelse inför föreställningar, för det har jag ju inga längre...

octopus said...

did you get my voicemail dear?
tried to reach you, but didn`t work out.. thought it would be a good idea if you give me a missed call when you have some time, then i will call you back.. kiss to you.. til soon?

fru A said...

den som spar hon har! (godis alltså...)