Thursday, December 6, 2007


we are awaiting a storm. it will probably be quite a wild one. im looking forward to it. so magical here, the 'winter'.
yesterday i had a treatment with my physiotherapist, this body isn't so happy these days. anyhow, he just became a father of his fourth child, and he is working to feed six people. which means pretty damn hard. hence, when i arrived there at 9 (13 h after he started working), he was trashed. so i treated him with a massage and hot chocolate with whiskey.

hot chocolate with whiskey is a great invention for these cold days. an additional cigarette might make it just perfect..


fröken L said...

Själv är jag hooked på glögg och pepparkakor, galet beroendeframkallande!

fru A said...

stackarn! tur att han har omtänksamma "patienter"...