Sunday, August 12, 2007

bored? (but in some kind of nice way..)

i am on vacation. it is fine to be bored, especially knowing it won't last very long anyhow.
but still...
my dear sister 'ernst' is painting her shelves, the neverending task, both my parents are asleep in front of the TV (man, how i HATE tv, with a passion!), my second dear sister, the mum, is too far away, im bored of blogging and the weather is a bit boring. cosy, but boring. since it, in combination with the TV, for sure cancelled my dad-daughter date (picknique).

we had 'tjockpannkaka' for dinner. nostalgic!
and now, my most constructive activity will be to eat 'lösgodis' until i drop.



fru A said...

poor dear! wish you were here to watch a film with me, I'll be dead tired tomorrow but nevermind... puss

fröken L said...

"Ernst" is always happy when company and/or help is offered!... ;-)